Kickin' Off

Well it is official, we are starting our Partnership Development time. Starting with our home church, Bethel, here in Jackson, MI. We are supposed to share in a combine Sunday School the first week in October. We are taking any and every opportunity to share this ministry that the Lord has laid on our heart. We also have our "invitation" to the field of Indonesia which is sent with a letter from our Pastor to Sanford, FL (NTM's Hq). From there once our School bill is Paid (which is at $1500! as soon as our check makes it to Durham, ON....) We will be accepted to the Field of Indonesia! WOW it is all coming together and we are SO thankful that our God is the one getting us there!
The Hot Air Balloon "Glow" at the Hot Air Jubilee

In other News... :) We have a new member to the Family.... :) No no no Not our little one, Wes and Jodi Had a Son TODAY. Landon Wesley Chadek weighed 8.6 lbs and 22in long!!! Congratz Guys! We are praying for you and Arika is SOO excited to have a new cousin and close by too!

OH yah. Our landlord told us that we will have internet in late sept. But in the mean time we are working on keeping you more up to date on the latest Jabber... :) And we've thrown a few Pics in for free.